When you open your closet, do you worry that all your belongings are going to tumble out onto the floor?

If so, we’re not going to sugarcoat it:

You’re in serious trouble.

It’s far too easy to stash stuff away in the closet and pretend it doesn’t exist. But that habit can backfire quickly.

If you can’t access the things in your closet, let alone use them, it’s time to come up with some solutions.

Don’t be afraid — you can do it.

Are you tired of having to dig through your closet to find the one thing you’re looking for? It’s time to tell that clutter who’s boss once and for all!

Here are seven essentials for keeping your closet organized:

1. Take Advantage Of Multi-Purpose Clothing Hangers

Clothing hangers that can hold more than one item are invaluable.

For example:

A 5-tiered blouse hanger holds multiple blouses instead of just one, which saves you a ton of space.

There are also metal cascading hangers that are built to hold several other hangers.

And don’t forget about loop hangers. You can use these to hold scarves or even sunglasses.

Whichever hangers you choose, look for ones that hold several items. You’re golden if you can organize clothes and maximize that precious closet space.

2. Take Items Out Of Their Boxes

If a section of your closet is dedicated to odds and ends, you probably have a lot of packaging in it.

Do you keep Q-tips on top of the dresser in your closet, for instance? If those Q-tips are still in the box, that box is taking up valuable space. You’re better off keeping them in a Ziploc bag.

Medicine is the same. If you keep some of your medicine in the closet, you might have some almost-empty packages in there. Compile unused medicine in a single container or baggie. (Just make sure you label each bag with the drug’s name and expiration date.)

Do you have unopened packages of underwear or shoes that are still in the box? Use the item already and get rid of the package!

3. Use A Shoe Pocket Organizer

Shoe pocket organizers allow you to use your closet door for storage. And they’re perfect for storing a variety of belongings, not just shoes.

Hang one on the front or back of your door. Use it to store shoes, sunglasses, leggings, and whatever else fits in the compartments.

Try to keep it orderly by storing like items together. Your sunglasses should go in side-by-side pockets. Your hiking socks can fit in a single pocket.

Never put a bunch of random items together in one pocket. Not knowing what’s in each compartment defeats the purpose of organizing things!

4. Hang Up Some Garment Bags

Do you have seasonal clothing, such as winter jackets, that you’d like to keep clean and organized?

Take them out of your closet and put them in garment bags. They’ll keep your clothing from getting dusty and wrinkled during the off-season.

See-through garment bags are best, as they allow you to see what’s inside each one. If you’d prefer dark bags, label them.

You don’t have to store your bags in your bedroom closet, either. Putting them under your bed or in a hallway closet will open up more space.

5. Add A Portable Drawer Set

If you’re out of hanging space but still have some floor space to spare, get a small, portable drawer set.

This will give you extra space for your socks, underwear, and accessories. You may even be able to fit your T-shirts in there.

Usually, drawers are hard to move. But by getting drawers with wheels on the bottom, you can move them around as you see fit.

6. Keep Matching Sheets Together Using Pillow Cases

Do you store extra sheets in your closet? Are they constantly unraveling and getting disorganized?

Use a pillowcase for each set of bedsheets to keep everything together.

Here’s how it works:

Fold up your fitted bed sheet, flat-top sheet, and one pillowcase. Once they’re folded, put them into another pillowcase.

Now it’s ready for you to put it back into your closet. You’ll never have to search for missing pillowcases or matching sheets again.

7. Try Clear Shelf Dividers

The ideal situation is to be able to find anything you need without having to dig around for it. Clear shelf dividers can help you achieve that goal.

Since they’re transparent, they make it easy to locate items in a jiffy.

But even though clear dividers are great, there’s something you should keep in mind:

If you stuff them with clutter, you’ll be able to see that too.

Clear dividers are only useful when organized. Otherwise, they can make your closet look even worse.

In Conclusion

Reclaiming the space in your closet feels fantastic. But to do so, you should start using these essentials.

In addition to these ideas, there are plenty of other organizational tools out there. Once you invest in a few of them, you’ll want more.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the prospect of decluttering your closet. Start with a few essentials and go from there.

In time, you’ll come up with a system that works for you. And you won’t have to worry about items tumbling out when you open the door!

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