For many people, the kitchen is the social hub of their apartment.

After all, everyone needs to eat, so families and roommates tend to gather in the kitchen for meals. If you like to cook, you’re going to spend a lot of time in this space.

The downside of this is that the kitchen can also become one of the messiest rooms in the home.

After cooking, it’d be ideal if you could clean up quickly and efficiently. But we all know that’s easier said than done!

If you want to make cleaning your kitchen an easier task, you’re going to have to get organized.

Think about it: the more organized your kitchen is, the easier it will be for you to prepare meals, find items, and put them away.

So let’s get to work on creating an organized and efficient kitchen. These five kitchen redesign tips will make your life way more convenient!

1. Invest In Drawer Storage

Dealing with crowded kitchen drawers isn’t fun. No one likes having to empty their entire drawer to find the one utensil they’re looking for.

Luckily, there’s a solution:

It’s time to get organizers with multiple compartments.

You can find drawer organizers in different materials and sizes. It’s easy to choose ones that match your kitchen’s theme.

Take stock of all the kitchen accessories you have. Their size will help you choose organizers that work best for you.

For utensils, get a cutlery tray so you can see all the silverware instead of it being a giant mess. Interlocking organizers work well if you want to store extra items, such as utensils, underneath.

After the drawer organizers are in place, resist the urge to put too much in each compartment. It should be easy to reach anything you need when you open your drawer.

2. Store Reusable Water Bottles On Their Sides

Reusable water bottles are great to have around the house. But with so many fun colors and patterns, it’s easy to keep buying more. If you don’t keep them under control, they could take over the entire room!

Here’s a solution:

  1. Buy some storage cubes
  2. Turn them on their side
  3. Place them on a shelf
  4. Store your water bottles inside

You might have to play around with the bottles to get them to sit comfortably. But once you find a system that works, you’ll always know where to find them.

Now it’ll be easy to grab your water bottle as you head out to the gym. And you won’t have to worry about searching high and low for them when you’re in a hurry!

You can even arrange them by color to turn your water bottle collection into a decorative kitchen element!

3. Organize Your Fridge

If your refrigerator is a mess, it’s time to remedy that!

Cleaning your fridge is easiest when you start by taking everything out. Then, you’ll be able to see exactly what you have. Just make sure to be quick about it so nothing spoils!

If there’s time, scrub your fridge with soap, water, and maybe even some bleach (depending on how dirty it is).

After taking stock of everything you have, check the expiration dates. There are likely expired items in there. Toss them out immediately — they’re taking up valuable space!

If there’s food that’s still good but you don’t think you’ll eat, bring it to a food pantry. There’s no reason to keep items if you aren’t going to consume them.

Lastly, put the things you use most often towards the front of the fridge. You shouldn’t have a problem accessing items that you use every day.

For example, you might put a few cans of soda near the front. The next time you’re craving a drink, you’ll know exactly where to find them!

4. Have A Catch-All Decorative Box

Does clutter accumulate on your kitchen countertop?

Here’s a solution:

Try adding a decorative box that can act as a clutter-catcher. Keeping a catch-all box on your counter is better than having random things everywhere!

Now, if you’re going for a sleek and sophisticated look in your kitchen, don’t just add any box. Get a nice wooden one with handles, or a leather tray. Your clutter-catcher should match the rest of the room.

Then, whenever a stray item appears on your countertop, toss it in the box. Every couple of days, go through it and put the items back where they belong.

It’s best not to procrastinate at putting things away. Otherwise, your box could start to overflow!

5. Gather Up Plastic Bags

If you like to keep plastic shopping bags in your kitchen, be careful. It’s easy to collect too many, and it’s also easy for them to get disorganized.

Having them within arm’s reach is ideal, but you need to come up with a clever way to disguise them.

One way to get a handle on them by storing them in a bag holder. This will allow you to keep dozens of bags in a small space.

Just make sure to buy an eye-pleasing bag holder. There’s no reason to have beautiful granite countertops if you’re going to hang an ugly bag-wrangler above them. Instead, find a sleek, steel one, or one that matches the paint on your walls.

And consider your space, too. If you’re short on counter space, find a bag holder that you can mount underneath your cabinets. That way, it won’t occupy all of the precious space on your countertops.

In Conclusion

Congratulations — you have some ideas on how to organize your kitchen! Since you’re an expert now, it’s up to you to follow through.

And once you redesign your kitchen, make sure you develop new habits to go with it. What use are new drawers if you don’t keep them organized?

You’ll feel good knowing that everything in your kitchen has a home, and you’ll be pleased when you know where to find them. From now on, cooking and cleaning up after dinner is going to be a breeze!

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Sherry Haney is the Business Manager for TriVista, where she is responsible for overseeing the operations and efficiencies of the company’s property management, sales, marketing, and renovation activities.

Mrs. Haney has more than 20 years of multifamily expertise and has been with Legacy since November 2005. She has a Colorado Brokers License, CAM certification, and CAPS certification.

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