Planning to upgrade your web hosting for better security and reliable support? Well, both VPS and dedicated servers offer great processing power, storage, and memory. But once your business grows online, you need a web hosting service that can cater to your requirements. Though you could save money in the short term with VPS hosting, you might have to spend more money later on. Moreover, the type of web hosting you need depends on your website and the expected data or bandwidth.

In order to help you make an educated choice, here we’ll tell you the difference between VPS and dedicated servers. Let’s dive in!

VPS vs Dedicated Security

Both VPS and dedicated servers are equipped to provide the users with faster web hosting than shared servers. However, there are several significant differences between the two. We’ll compare the two based on multiple factors:


Performance is a crucial component to consider when you are looking for a web server. The performance of a server depends on how fast a site can load or how much traffic it can handle at a time. When it comes to VPS hosting, it uses a hypervisor that borrows resources from other websites if there is a spike in traffic.

This means, if multiple websites get a traffic hike, they will borrow resources from your site that will slow down its speed. But, in the case of a dedicated server, all the bandwidth focuses on one account only. With optimum speed, this server can manage a lot of concurrent traffic without any hassles.


VPS servers are secure, and professional web hosting service providers, like, take care of everything to protect their clients. However, your website shares a server with other sites. If any of the neighbor sites gets hacked, it puts your site at some risk too. On the other hand, when you use dedicated servers, there is no need to worry about the other sites.

Customization, Migration

Both VPS and dedicated servers come with managed and unmanaged plans. Moreover, both servers offer customizable resources that users can adjust. With VPS, you can shift to another web-hosting quickly since it is a virtual network. But shifting a dedicated server isn’t that easy. You need to empty the space when you want to move to some other server.

Besides, VPS hosting service providers have some criteria for a client to follow. If they are not followed, they will either block or delete the account in order to protect their integrity.


VPS servers have sufficient space to grow as your website grows. You also have a choice to upgrade the plan to add more bandwidth or storage. A dedicated hosting server doesn’t need more space. The users of dedicated hosting are the ones who don’t look for scalability but for consistent performance.


Dedicated hosting is the costliest among all types of hosting. After all, it provides you with a server that you don’t share with anyone else. It is a great solution for websites that require security, as well as good performance. VPS hosting comes with a range of prices; it is affordable and works for SMBs and bloggers.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

The answer depends on your requirements. If you run a small business or you have just started your journey to blogging, VPS might be the ideal solution. You get enough resources and support to run your website right. Dedicated servers are great for SMBs that require more security, dedicated resources, and complete access to the main server.

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