Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a role play game, the game released on 17 Jan 2020. The game is very popular for his story mode and the graphics of this game same as anime series dragon ball super. Dragon ball super is a very his storyline. Dragon ball heroes is now running a promotional series that is connected with the super. This game is all about the Goku and explores the dragon ball kakarot storyline.

The Kakarot storyline starts with Dragon ball, where the Goku kid and the piccolo king fight each other. Piccolo king wants to kill Goku. The piccolo is the evil form piccolo. Dragon ball first DLC 1.03 most interesting and adventurous part when Goku and other z warriors fight with Sayains, the saga is called Saiyans saga. Saiyan saga starts with the Goku brother Raditz, Raditz came on earth to destroy the whole plane and Goku too. When Raditz comes on earth he observes how much low power level of earth people and he tries to find Goku. After finding Goku he challenges him to fight and ant to kill him. Between the epic fight Goku and Raditz, they both kill from the piccolo lighting beam.

Goku reached the king kai planet and prepare himself for stopping other Saiyan warriors. Goku is not known the other Saiyan warriors but he feels the power level of them. After the training, Goku coming back on earth but the evil Sayains already come on earth and fight with other z warriors. Yamcha, Tien and Chatsu kill by Nappa during the fight. Gohan son of Goku showing his amazing power level. At least Goku reached there and successfully beaten Nappa. After fighting Nappa, Goku feels the vageta power level. Goku reached to next transformation Kayoken mode. The Vageta also has some epic plan he turns in great ape.

The first Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC full of action and going on to Frieza saga. Frieza is another most powerful villain and he wants to destroy all the Saiyans because we know the Saiyans have the ability to gain his strength after every fight. There is one thing good in SaiyanSaga Vegeta helps z warriors fight against the Frieza solider. The Frieza is a full devil and he is not showing any mercy anyone. There are Goku is once again showing his hidden power and transform in Super Saiyan. In the end Goku shows his 3rd transformation fighting against the MugenBuu.

What Is New Thing In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC 1.06?

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot begins with the ZenkaiTournament where God of destruction testing the power level of a different universe. Where universe 7 fight with wolf team. After this the next level of DBZ Kakarot 1.06 we play the tournament power. All the dragon ball fans know what was happening in the dragon ball super tournament of power. The Tournament Power starts after ZenkaiTournament. ZenkaiTournament universe 7 wins from wolf team. In ZenkaiTournament Goku fight with another warrior. He belongs from universe 11 and his name Toppo. Toppo is one of the most powerful warriors of universe 11 after Jiren. Goku goes to super Saiyan blue Kayoken level to fight against the Toppo but it was a tie. Both warriors have the epic energy level and the ZenkaiTournament power level is not enough to test these powers.

Most Important Story Line Of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 1.06

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot most important feature expose is dragon ball super last chapter tournament of power. Tournament of power is especially design for multiverse most powerful warriors. Dragon Ball Super Tournament power story breaks all the anime records and people love it a lot. Dragon ball Kakarot updated DLC also released with new mods and there are many fan made warriors launched but I recommended you. You play it without any hack. Dragon Ball is a brand and Bandai Namco working on it from 1990. This is a big achievement from the anime industry. Right now Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime is running on air. They are promoting Dragon Ball Heroes Game. Dragon ball heroes’ series also explains in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot upcoming DLC.

Dragon ball z Kakarot previous all DLC and full Game you can download from www.animetv.com. The full energy attack and epic transformation make this game more entertaining. The game is a full pack of action. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Dlccomong soon with new warriors and many other time patrol warriors. We forget another most important saga “Dragon Ball GT” dragon ball z kakarot game is not complete without dragon ball gt story mode. Dragon ball z kakarot released for Pc, Xbox One, and Play station 4. This game has a huge fan following on youtube gaming channel.

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