For some students, the morning is a time to review notes, do some yoga, and get out the door at a reasonable time.

For you, if you’re lucky, you barely get out the door with your shoelaces tied. And when getting up late and running around like crazy becomes a habit, it gets harder to leave on time.

But despite having issues with making it to class or work, it’s possible to change.

With a little bit of practice, you can speed up your college morning routine.

Below are seven tricks to try today. It’s time to start making it to class with plenty of time to spare!

1. Go To Bed At A Reasonable Hour

Do you want to know why you’re having trouble speeding up your routine? Well, maybe you’re not getting enough sleep.

Studying can keep you up late, but try to study earlier rather than later. To make sure you get some studying in before the sun sets, set up a schedule.

Try to stick with your study schedule as best you can to ensure you get enough rest every night.

Go to bed earlier, and you’ll have an easier time getting out of bed. As a bonus, you’ll also have more energy, so you’ll get ready faster!

2. Decide On Your Outfits In Advance

Pick out your outfit the night before. Trust me when I say it’ll save you a lot of time.

Having your clothes ready will make it easier to get up and go.

If you want to give yourself even more time, set aside your outfits for the upcoming week on Sunday.

Laundry plays a big part in this, so make sure you stay up to date on washing your clothes. (Organize your laundry room, too, so you can work more efficiently in there.)

3. Spend Less Time Getting Ready

Do you spend a lot of time in the morning on hair and facial care? It’s time to speed up that part of your routine!

There are a few things you can do to get ready faster:

Instead of blow-drying and styling your hair in the morning, wash and dry it the night before. And, have a few hairstyles in mind that it’ll make it easy to style and go in the morning.

On special days when you have to dress up for a presentation, factor that into your morning. If possible, take a few minutes the night beforehand to lay out everything you’ll need. That way, you’ll get out the door twice as fast.

4. Stay Organized

One reason you have difficulty leaving on time may be that your apartment is a pigsty. Sorry, but it’s true!

If your interiors are a mess, pick up after yourself. It will help if you pledge to always put things back where they belong. Then, you’ll always know where everything is.

Stuffing things into a closet won’t make your mornings easier. If you can’t find your jacket, then you’ll have to dig around for it before you can leave. You should be able to find what you need without having to search high and low.

5. Create A Morning Playlist

A good tune can give you the spark you need to get excited about the day.

Create a morning playlist with some of your favorite upbeat and motivational songs.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much faster you get out the door. Switch up your playlist every day to stay motivated all week long.

And when it’s time to leave, continue your music party in the car or on your train ride. Who says you can’t have fun jazzing out to music on your morning commute?

If all goes well, you’ll arrive at your destination on time!

6. Change The Shower Temperature

If one of the reasons you’re not leaving on time is that you’re taking long showers, there’s a solution for that:

Use the shower temperature to your advantage. This might come as a shock (literally!), but turning a hot shower into a cold one can wake you right up!

It may not be pleasant. If you think there’s no way you can do it, gradually bring down the temperature day by day. Soon enough, you’ll be taking colder showers and waking up faster because of them!

You’ll also save on water and heating bills, which is always a plus.

7. Take Breakfast On The Go

Breakfast is important, and you shouldn’t skip it just because you want to speed up your morning routine. But if you’re in a hurry, you may not be able to sit down and enjoy breakfast at your kitchen table.

Instead, make it portable. Prepare a healthy yogurt parfait for yourself the night before so you can grab it and go.

If yogurt isn’t your thing, keep a bowl of bananas on your counter or a box of granola bars in the pantry. That way, you can take your meal with you as you run out the door.

Spend less time on breakfast, and you’ll create more time for yourself in the morning.

In Conclusion

Get into the habit of applying these tricks. There’s no doubt that, if you get the hang of them, you’ll streamline your morning routine.

If you don’t think you can get there, remember that practice makes perfect. Don’t be hard on yourself if it takes a while to speed things up!

Who knows, after getting the hang of this speedy morning thing, you may have time to spare.

As long as you don’t slip back into your old habits, you’ll be golden!

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Aaron Hunt is the Property Manager for The Urban, a student housing community near Ohio State University.

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