All of us have heard of tenant horror stories! However, the damage caused to your rental property is not the result of bad behavior or disregard for property care. It is often caused due to ignorant tenants.

Some tenants are too hard on a rental house, resulting in increased repairs or maintenance. Also, sometimes a tenant may damage a rental house without even knowing it. While an average tenant is unlikely to punch a hole in a wall, they are equally unlikely to tell you if there is minor water leakage.

Whether he wants to make changes to the property without your permission, ignores small problems, or attempts to fix the damaged items, rental property damage is sometimes inevitable.

But, there are a few ways you can prevent them from damaging your property. Keep reading to know!

Tenant Screening

First and foremost, it is crucial to have a tenant screening process in place to keep your rental property safe from the tenants or scammers who want to degrade it for money. As a property owner, it should be your priority before you accept an applicant.

Make sure to visit your rental house regularly, and check for the illegal rental listings on the site. Allow only responsible tenants to move into your rental. You can seek help from a good Leasing Agency in Utah for drawing up leases and screening the tenants.

Also, include a clear language in your lease prohibiting short-term subletting of the rental property. If you discover any such activities, a legal leasing agency will help you take immediate action.

High-Security Deposit

Charging a high-security deposit will protect your finances at the tenant turnover and protect your property. It reimburses the landlord and reminds the tenants to take proper care of your property.

Furthermore, a high-security deposit will invest your tenants in the maintenance of your rental property. If you charge low or don’t charge any security deposits, the renters won’t feel the impact of the damages they cause. Thus, they will be less careful about the rental.

Seasonal Inspections

Seasonal or regular inspections will keep your property from the potential damage due to age, weather, or tenant-related issues. Educate the renters and encourage them to report the problems earlier, and maintain the property.

There is no substitute for physical visits, though! Stay up to date about what is going on with the property, and don’t merely take a tenant’s word for it. Some tenants may lie about the damage for fear of repercussions.

Or, the ignorant tenants may not bother to mention the problem areas. If you don’t have much time to make frequent visits to your property, you can hire a professional property management in Utah.

Tenant Portal

Aside from regular inspections, you can use an online tenant portal or a maintenance reporting system. An easy tenant reporting system can mean the difference between looming repairs and a swift report. It will provide them with an easy way to report any issues so that even the busiest renters can spare a moment to alert you to a problem.

Good Landlord-Tenant Relationship

A great landlord-tenant relationship helps build a profitable rental property with long-term tenants. Once they move-in, tell tenants about your expectations, and let them know that you are there to help them.

You want them to take their security deposits back. If they don’t, it will be more work for you. Tell them you are always ready to address the issues and try to understand them even if they are at fault.


Though finding good tenants is the key to maintaining your property, it is essential to understand that a tenant is not as invested in the upkeep of the rental as a property manager. Look for an experienced property management company; they will work in your best interests to keep your property sound for years.

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