Do you yen for more social shares?

Do you look for options to ensure the success of your blog post with colossal traffic?

Trivial question! Everyone yearns to get more and more social shares as well as more traffic.

But it’s easier said than done. Publishing a post and thinking people will start sharing is not enough. Yes, sometimes it happens when you craft an exceptional piece of content.

Truthfully, we cannot produce the best content every time. But, what if I tell you that it’s a simple ABC to get myriad social shares that too without creating your most exceptional piece, indeed by veiling some content.

Yes! It’s possible.

Possible with the inception of content locker plugins in WordPress website development. The main idea is that the most valuable content of your blog post will locK behind a group of social buttons.

So, at first, your reader has to share your post on a different social platform like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to access the hidden content. You can achieve it quickly by opting for a WordPress plugin.

These plugins are popularly known as Social Content Locker WordPress Plugins. In this blog, I have clutched the best WordPress plugins that significantly increase social media activity.

So, before we proceed with the top pick content locker plugins in 2020, it’s essential to understand what is “Content Locker Plugin”?

A “Content Locker Plugin” is a marketing tool solely used to manifold your subscriber base. In simple words, a content locker is basically a tool that converts the success of your online business significantly by taking it to an entirely new level.

So, now you know what a content locker is and how it can help you on your website. Especially if you are running a WordPress website, then there are plugins which you can to integrate content locking functionalities in your site.

However, the market is full of hundreds of such plugins, leaving you perplexed. Here are the ideal picks of plugins by pioneer WordPress experts to help you start right.

1. Content Locker Pro

Content Locker Pro is one of the best WordPress plugins for restricting access to your website content. And, by now it’s considered as a premium plugin, so you need to pay to access these exclusive features along with keeping in mind to hire WordPress developer with proven track records.

For beginners, you will be getting 16 unique yet operative locker designs, one among which is sure to fit in your stylistic standards. Then there comes some option such as advanced lock options and Batch locking to help you gain much more convenience and access over the matter.

There is also some brace for social media platforms, and many of the popular mailing services are also integrating to help you transfer your leads. Aside from this, there are a lot more other features making this a powerful plugin.

2. Bloom Plugin

Add Bloom Plugin in your list If your sole focus is for email opt-in plugin for WordPress website development. It just not offer you a content locker option but other numerous option to increase your mailing list. Experts develop this plugin from elegant themes.

And, now it’s an email plugin option specially created to help you increase your subscriber count. It comes along with some handy features that hide content until the time user subscribes and get you some leads.

All in all, if you have been planning on getting email options plugin as well as a content locker, move ahead with Bloom Plugin.

3. Opt-In Content Locker

One of the easy ways to lock the content of your website is by using opt-in content locker plugin. To view the content, internet users either require to subscribe to your website or fill up your email address once.

After submitting the information, users can easily access your site’s content. All thanks to Opt-In Content locker that made the tedious work an effortless workflow. Let’s have a look at how it works:

  • The data gets saved in the database
  • Afterwards, resubmit to email tools like Benchmark, Mailchimp, Aweber and many other to list here.

4. Locker Cat

If you are looking for free options “Locker Cat” is a perfect choice meeting your needs. The fore-runner WordPress development company consider it as an effective way to maximize social shares alongside viral traffic to your website.

Moreover, this plugin helps you with the task of hiding text, videos, images, and download links from the website visitor. So, to unlock your content, visitor or user first have to share your piece of content on social media like Facebook or either share a tweet on Twitter.

5. OnePress Social Locker

With more than 10,000+ activations and 4.5 start rating, this plugin is pretty famous among others. It offers many style formats and effects which fits precisely on the website for displaying locks with animation effect.

This plugin helps you in upsurging your likes, followers, shares, and even increase traffic from the social network. Using it, you can lock anything in your content, and it automatically unlocks after the visitor shared your content page.

6. Social Share & Locker Pro

The name suggests it all. With this plugin, you can maximize the social shares of your content drastically if your content is good. This is not any other plugin but a comprehensive social sharing along with a content locker plugin that proffers some fantastic features.

This plugin makes a hot pick among the WordPress development company providing support to a considerable list of different social media websites. Still, you can choose the one you opt to display.


The experts at Wordprax understand the need for Content WordPress Lockers for your online business as this provides your shareable content with the ability to go viral.

After all, this is an ideal way to get a proper return on the investment towards producing valuable content. So, start right with adding these plugins on your WordPress website by partnering with the premium WordPress development company.

Don’t forget to hide your content to get benefit from it.

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