Calendars help in organizing and managing various events. When you are hosting a normal website or a blogging website, calendars help in reminding the important events. WordPress comes with a lot of calendar plugins, some of which are free while some are paid. There are some calendar plugins that allow you to integrate your WordPress calendar with other services like Google calendar and help the visitors of the website to mark their attendance. With the help of custom WordPress plugin development, you can also personalize your calendar by customizing it and can also integrate and manage various calendars in one place.

Let us have a look at the list of 9 best calendar plugins provided by WordPress that you can use in 2020.

1. The Events Calendar

It is one of the most popular plugins being used on WordPress websites and is free. It is easy to use and integrate with your website dashboard. After installing it, you can start creating events in just a few minutes. It allows you to create multiple venues and decide the range of views for the events posted by you on your website. The in-built tools make it easy to search the plugin in WordPress. You can also hire a WordPress developer and customize the plugin as per the content and codes of your website.

2. EventOn

It is a premium plugin and can be installed from the CodeCanyon. This plugin was first released in 2012 and its user base keeps on increasing day-by-day. It comes with a variety of features and the backend interface makes it easy to use and also comes with a very good design and look. The events can be set up to recur automatically on the customized schedule. You can also add images to your events, organize events with tags and use Google Maps location. EventOn also allows you to use different colors for different events, making it easier to find. You can also insert calendar content in your blogs and posts by using the EventOn shortcodes. The custom WordPress plugin development helps in editing the shortcodes and customizing the calendar and events as per your needs.

3. Modern Events Calendar

This plugin is available in free as well as the premium version on WordPress. The premium version even allows you to accept event bookings from your website visitors. This plugin comes with modern calendar designs for your events and is easily integrated with the whole website. The designs are mobile responsive as well. You can also add Google Maps location to your events, add featured images and connect two services to share your events at both platforms. You can even integrate PayPal and WooCommerce to accept payments for bookings or attendance for your events.

4. Events Manager

It is a free events calendar plugin provided by WordPress. It makes creating events for your website and also makes registration for them. You can create recurring events and also and use the BuddyPress plugin to give your events a social touch. The BuddyPress plugin allows you to enable user feedback, discussions, etc. for your events. With the use of various plugins, you can customize this plugin and improve its features. Integrate it with Google Maps and show the events on your website with the help of widgets. This plugin also comes with a premium version, offering more features.

5. My Calendar

My Calendar is also a free plugin from WordPress. You can add a separate section on your website Dashboard to enter and manage events from there. It allows you to give separate time, date and venue for each recurring event and create various categories and tags to better organize and manage your events. It comes with a mass editing feature enabling you to edit multiple events simultaneously and thus saving a lot of time. You can change the looks and appearance of events by editing the CSS.

6. Events Schedule

It is a premium plugin that comes with a feature of the online booking option for the events. It has a variety of pre-built designs and you can edit them to redesign your calendar looks and layouts. The various features and layouts offered by this plugin make it ideal for a wide range of events. The events can be chosen by the visitors on the basis of categories defined by you and you also have a list of options to choose the layout for your calendar. The designs are also mobile responsive.

7. Calendarize It

It is a premium plugin that allows you to create custom templates for your events with the help of Visual Composer page builder plugin. The pre-built designs have a lot of options to choose from to create the desired calendar event. You can also use some free add-ons with this plugin such as countdown timer, year view, importer tool, etc.

8. Events Plus

This premium plugin helps to publish and manage events and even register events, advertise classes and events, etc. It also comes with a countdown timer and social share options. The designs and layouts are mobile responsive as well. You can also have an overview of all the events and activities.

9. Calendar Anything

This plugin is distributed by the CodeCanyon marketplace. It helps you to show your custom posts on the calendar and also comes with lifetime updates and some limited support.

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