Money is considered the most powerful asset in the world. We all are working, living, and surviving to obtain money because money can buy everything and anything. If you have money, you get the freedom to do and roam wherever you want; you get respect and life’s utmost pleasure. Money is what lays the foundation for the fulfillment of your dreams, whether getting admission to your favorite universities or doing your own small-scale startup. The top thing is that with money comes the feeling of security and safety; you worry less about the future and enjoy the present more.  

There are different types of currencies throughout the world like the dollar, dirhams, euros, rupees and the value of everyone varies. Penny is the smallest form of currency. The terms ‘loose’ and ‘coins’ are also used in its alternative. Let’s comprehend more about it with an instance How much is 80000 pennies. Firstly, read the meaning and history of pennies.  

Penny: The Smallest Form Of Currency

Penny is the smallest and primary denomination of the currency. It is also known as a ‘coin.’ In America, it is referred to as one cent. In Canada, it is known as denomination only.   

History Of Pennies & Currency System Of The World  

Being the most primitive currency form, the penny was introduced in the currency system in 1394. It is actually a word from the Indigenous language of Scotland. The word is derived from another word, ‘punic,’ which means face. Interestingly, it was named so because the penny had a sculpted face of the Carthaginian goddess on it.   

Many historians believe that the penny is the first-ever currency system whose ideation was derived from the Greek and Roman Empires. The possible reason is that they used to have the carvings of their God on ancient silver coins.   

After that, many modifications were made to the currency system in which Pepin the Short played a major role. Later on, Charlemagne customized small-sized pennies that used to be huge earlier.   

Slowly and gradually, currencies, especially pennies, were introduced and became a vital part of many countries. The various reforms altered the currency system of the world.  

How much Is 80000 pennies  

Now, the main question of the netizens is How much is 80000 pennies, so let’s understand it. The dollar is the most acceptable global currency, so talking in context to dollars, 8000 pennies= 800 dollars. It is a very small amount of money to survive on. In today’s hiked prices and expensive ambiance, this sum of money isn’t enough to buy you proper housing or a car. It very well explains that there’s a huge difference between the value of pennies and other currency systems like US dollars and Canadian dollars.  

1 penny = 0.01 Dollars, so how much is 80000 pennies?   

8000 ÷ 0.01 = 800  

Thus, 8000 pennies = 800 Dollars  


Penny is the smallest denomination of currency and is also referred to as ‘coins.’ It was one of the frequently asked queries on the Internet about how much is 80000 pennies, so compared to US dollars, it equals 800 dollars that, makes it a really small sum of money to survive on. It clarifies two things: the small value of pennies compared to other currency systems, and the other is that 8000 pennies aren’t eligible enough to buy you proper housing or accommodation.   

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