The home working trend has been growing for some time. More and more of us are taking the leap and starting home businesses. Even those still working as employees can enjoy new remote working possibilities thanks to speedy internet connections and networking advancements. But, this year, as the coronavirus has spread through society, more of us than ever before have been forced to work from home as we move to slow the spread of the virus.

For some, this is a short-term solution. They hope to be back in the office as soon as possible. But, for many, this will become a more permanent setup. Many businesses are finding that working from home boosts productivity and reduces office space and utilities.

If you’ve got a ready-made home office or at least a spare room that you could convert into a workspace, you might have found this transition relatively straightforward. But, if you’ve never worked from home before and don’t have much space at home, you might have found yourself struggling to find a quiet area to focus on your work. Fortunately, even if you are short on space, you’ve got options. Here are some ways to create a workspace if you don’t have an office or spare room.

Set Up Under The Stairs

If you’ve got an area underneath your staircase, it might be filled with clutter or used for storage. This could make an excellent small office. Use a discount code from a site like to buy a desk, chair, lamp, and anything else you need, and clear out any other clutter.

Separate Your Dining Table

Many families don’t eat at their dining tables, making this the ideal place to set up for work. But, even if you do, if your dining table seats six and day to day there’s only four of you, place a screen or divider at one end, and you’ve got a small, separate desk. Add your laptop, printer, and any other tools that you need.

Convert A Corner

If you’ve got a large room, it’s easy to take a corner for your office. Ideally, this would be in a room that can be quiet while you are working, such as your bedroom or dining room, but work with whatever you have got.

Utilize Hallways

Some homes have large or wide hallways and landings that are just used as thoroughfares. Add a thin desk to the side and mount some shelves for an out of the way home office.

Prioritize Your Needs

If you don’t have a specific room to work in, space might be an issue. So, prioritize your needs. Only store what you need for day to day work in your office. Keep the rest tidy in another part of your home.

Move Between Workstations

Another option is moving around. Have a table set up for typing, somewhere else for more creative work, and a quiet area for video calls. Be flexible and move as you need to.

Creating a workspace, wherever you put it, can help you focus, work productively, and keep your work away from your home life. It’s certainly worth doing if you can.

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