Google has become an integral part of life that acts as a parcel to cure your boredom and keep you pretty much engaged with searches. However, there are times when you feel offbeat and bored. Thankfully, Google has so much to serve you and makes your boredom vanish with its numerous created tricks.  

Google keeps on surprising with its trending content, creative themes, and confusing tricks from time to time. Recently, it has introduced a new trick where if you type about feeling curious, then Google resents you with a fact question and its answer.  

This question can be about anything as there are no restrictions or fixed boundaries on thought. The question that arises afterward is, “Why do humans blink their eyes?” Google will also present its answer. One can also click on the website to read more about it.  

Below this, there’s an option available down the fact box quoting “Ask another question” that can be pressed multiple times until your “I’m feeling curious” query is resolved. Google will keep on showing you interesting, fun facts.  

The Internet has many incredible services ranging from entertainment to education and shopping. However, certain instructive and informational tricks are worth trying at least once.   

The “I’m feeling curious” ruse was first used in 2015. Unlike most other plans, Google disclosed the process’s start. The announcement emphasizes the significance of the feature, as most other tricks do not receive the same treatment.  

It was first released in September 2015, making it almost five years old! Therefore, we can fairly expect that Google will not delete the function anytime soon because it is both entertaining and educational.  

Why Do These Google Tricks Attract Netizens?  

Interesting tricks like “I’m Feeling Curious” satiate the curiosity and are fun to try. These educative tricks help you in focusing on your studies and profession. For instance, the question “why do humans blink?” is useful for medical students. However, it is pretty informative for everyone.  

This feature isn’t a recent launch, but Google introduced it in September 2015, almost six years ago. This trick is amongst the oldest ones as the world is a place of curious people.  

This “I’m Feeling Curious” trick can be used to learn something daily in your free time and never let your time be wasted. So, take your phone along whether you are walking, eating meals, or even sitting idle and utilize what it offers. Google satisfies the temptation of creative and hungry minds.  

It’s fun for everyone, whether you are an adult or a kid. It’s a good way of broadening your knowledge. There are multiple other apps available that can boost your general knowledge. Let’s go through other interesting facts about Google regarding curiosity.  

Informative & Educational

This is where the “I’m feeling interested” option shines; it’s a wealth of information, and you can while away the hours learning about anything and everything on the Internet. When you google “I’m Feeling Curious,” for example, you’ll get a lot of various queries that most people have but never know the solution to. For example, is sign language the same in various countries? can be one of the search results. It is a valid question that you may not be aware of. Also, every student interested in learning sign language should consider this question.  

Other Google Tricks

When the feature was first introduced, Google would randomly ask you a question that you were interested in learning the answer to. A random question would emerge when you put the statement in the query box. Then, if you wanted to find an answer to a new question, you simply had to push the “Ask Another Question” button, and another random question would emerge. Even now, you will rarely come across a question to which you have an answer. All one can say is that Google is extremely intelligent.  

When the phrase “I’m feeling curious” became popular, more techniques emerged. The following are some of the more fascinating ones that will help you avoid boredom: Fun Fact; I’m feeling stellar, trendy, wonderful, playful, puzzled, Doodley, generous, and artistic.  

Google’s Top Mind-Blowing Facts Regarding Curiosity  

These questions range from huge things like anything in the Universe to even the smallest parts of the body. Some of the top curious tricks are:

Imagine Being Impregnated For Two Years  

Google’s answer to its tricky question is that elephants have a gestation period of 22 months, which is the longest compared to any other animal on the planet. Additionally, the females weighed around 24,000 lb and 11,000 kgs and obtained a shoulder height of 13.96 meters, 13 feet, which is a meter taller than the average male African elephant’s size.  

Lobsters Are Similar To Chickens

Google explained this, stating that the male lobster is called the cook, whereas the female, if under one pound, is called hen or chicken. Additionally, one-claws lobster is known as a cull, and lobsters lacking any claws are labeled as pistols.  

Fast Food Being Invented Nearly 100 Years Ago  

Somebody typed about the first fast-food restaurant ever. Google reverted, depicting the first one that originated in 1919 in the United States, and the White Caste began to serve fast food in 1921.  

Do you know that American-founded fast-food chains, McDonald’s and KFC with multiple branches belong to the same MNC?  

Most Giant Trees Can Be Found In California  

A giant Sequoia tree is located in the enormous forest in Sequoia National Park in Tulare County in California. It is the enormous stem tree on Earth by size. It is a tourist place in the US.   

Frogs Have Hidden Ears  

Frogs are unique in the way that they can hear both in the air and under the water. The reason is their directly exposed eardrums or covered by a layer of skin that appears as a circular area behind the eyes.  

Which Is The Only Sport Played On The Moon?  

Golf was the first sport played on the moon. Many think it to be Football that isn’t. Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell played diverse sports on the lunar surface.  

Shepard hit golf balls with an impressive six-iron, whereas Mitchell delivered javelin. Their shots are remembered every year on the anniversary.  

Do You Know How Many States Mexico Has?  

Mexico has one federal district and 31 states, constituting the world’s largest population of Spanish speakers.   

How Is London’s Clock Tower, Big Ben, Named?  

Many members of the Bens claim that London’s clock tower is named after them. However, this nickname was first applied to the Great Bell, which was after Sir Benjamin Hall.  

There’s also a rumor that the name was inspired by heavyweight English boxing champion Benjamin Caunt.  

Who Is The Guy Entering Harvard At The Age Of 11  

A guy with the highest IQ of 275, Mr. William James Sidis, was the one. He was fluent in more than 40 languages. He graduated from Harvard and worked his way through adulthood.  

Canada Is Hundred Years Younger Than America  

Canada declared itself a self-controlling dominion of Great Britain on July 1, 1867. It also became a federation of four territories, including New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec. This day was celebrated as Dominion Day for 115 years till 1982.   

Bruce Lee’s Qualifications  

Ip Man, the most famous Wing Chun Master of all time, is Bruce’s teacher. There are more movies on the martial arts master’s life than you can count. However, most of them are made up. When Bruce Lee was 16 years old, he began training under Ip Man. It occurred shortly after he had lost a fight at school with opposing gang members.  

How Is Red Hair Formed?  

It is a well-known question in Ireland and the United States. Red hair is uncommon, with just roughly 1% to 2% of the Earth’s population sporting it. This means that only 150 million people on Earth have red hair out of nearly 7.5 billion!  

According to research, red hair is caused by a mutation in the MC1R gene. So, if both of your parents have red hair, you might not have it!   

The Bottomline  

As a result, it’s encouraging to see Google taking so many positive moves forward. Even when you’re bored, you can find interesting search results that aren’t a waste of time. There’s no better way to learn all of these tactics than to experiment independently. You can find something to do for the entire day by searching for Google Easter Eggs and other tricks on YouTube, other articles, and even this one!  

If you also feel curious to learn something new, Google is the place for you. “I’m feeling curious” is the perfect way to satiate your queries.   

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