Countertops, like other kitchen furniture, are subject to wear and tear. If a budget model was originally installed, its service life will not be long. The countertops are usually not repaired, but replaced with new ones. To update the interior of the kitchen, you should dismantle the old countertop and install a new, more beautiful, practical and modern one in its place. The place for cooking will become more functional, and therefore will bring you more joy and inspiration for cooking delicious dishes.

Removing The Old Countertop Without Costs

Removing the countertop on your own will significantly reduce your repair costs. Both professional repairers and ordinary people know this. It is a simple process that requires physical strength, patience and certain skills. The help of a friend will probably be necessary. If you need to do everything quickly and professionally, there is no time to study basic recommendations, you can hire local kitchen remodelers.

The laminated countertops are the easiest to remove, they are lightweight and can be installed without any special fasteners. Natural stone models are heavier and are attached to the chipboard substrate or directly to the kitchen cupboards. To avoid damaging the furniture during disassembly, contact professionals.

Necessary tools

To remove a laminated kitchen countertop, use the following tools:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Construction Gloves
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Spatula
  • Chisel
  • Utility Knife
  • Bucket
  • Saw
  • Sealant/Adhesive Softener

A hammer, screwdriver, and chisel may be needed. It also takes time, patience, and care to keep the furniture in the same condition and the new countertops can be placed well on the kitchen cupboards.

The Process Of Removing The Countertop

There are several basic steps in removing a laminated countertop:

  1. Free up as much space as possible where you plan to work.
  2. Remove the drawers and things that are usually stored on the bottom shelf.
  3. Disconnect the water lines from the sink.
  4. Disconnect the gas hoses leading to the stove, if they are present. If you have a built-in electric stove, it must be removed and de-energized.
  5. Make sure all outlets are closed or de-energized.
  6. Use a crescent wrench to close all emergency valves on all appliances.
  7. Place a bucket under the pipes in case water drains out.
  8. Remove the built-in sink with a trowel or chisel. A sealant softener can be used to remove any remaining adhesive.
  9. Remove the sink with the bottom mount by loosening the screws. You may need the help of another person to do this.
  10. Make sure the countertop is secured with an adhesive compound.
  11. Using a special softener, dissolve the glue that is present around the edges. After an hour, remove it with a knife or spatula.
  12. Carefully detach the countertop from the base drawer.

Be careful during removal so as not to damage the furniture and pipes.

Huge, heavy G-shaped countertops can be pre-sawed into small pieces, this will facilitate the dismantling process.

During any repair work: when knocking down tiles, removing sealant, using a power saw, be sure to wear safety glasses and construction gloves. If there is no way to remove the countertop, you can use a sabre saw. A horizontal cut will get rid of all the fasteners in one fell swoop.

If, in addition to glue, screws were used in fixing, they should be unscrewed with a screwdriver and removed. 

If you see tiles on the wooden countertop, you can remove them by using a flat chisel. This will reduce the weight of the countertop and make it easier to remove.

Removed & What To Do After That?

After removing the coating, make sure there are no cracks or chips on the kitchen cupboards. This is important if the furniture is not to be replaced. If you find any damage, you should contact a professional to complete the process.

When the removal of the countertop is finished, it should be taken to the landfill, and the place of repair should be cleaned and prepared for the installation of a new model. You decide who will install it, but it is better to contact the company where you ordered the countertop. They usually also provide services for its installation.

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