The statistics of the number of people having sleep disorder is quite high. Considering the life-threatening factors of a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, opting for the CPAP treatment is the only gateway. For those who find a nasal pillow and full-face masks uncomfortable, a nasal mask is the most recommended equipment for them to retain their comfort during the night.

Here is all about the nasal masks that you need to know.

What Is A Nasal Mask?

A nasal mask is a piece of suitable equipment for the nose that fits near the nasal area in a triangular shape. It creates a protective seal around the nose using a four-point headgear to stay in place. Nasal masks do not cover the mouth; instead, it sticks near the nose. As one kind of the CPAP masks, the nasal masks are great for the nasal pillows to offer air at a constant high pressure. Nasal masks like Resmed Airfitâ„¢ N20 Nasal mask sticks near the nose and ensures a comfortable fit.

How Do The Nasal Masks Operate?

A nasal mask is a must-have tool for CPAP therapy caused due to obstructive sleep apnea. The CPAP nasal masks link the wearer with a CPAP machine to keep their therapy smooth and effective. The nasal masks come with a gel cushion that surrounds the nasal area and delivers pressure through the nostrils. The CPAP nasal masks do not provide direct air to the nostrils; instead, it uses the method of creating a balloon pressure around the nose to keep it comfy.

Who Can You Use The Nasal Masks?

People of all ages who have sleep apnea require nasal CPAP therapy. A nasal mask makes this therapy effective. Sleep apnea creates a chronic medical condition, which pauses breathing, stops the airflow into the lungs, and disrupts sleep. That’s why patients with sleep apnea need to be treated with a continuous air pressure flow during their sleep. Also, patients who tend to move around or lack natural airflow during their sleep need a nasal mask.

How Nasal Masks Benefit Users?

Considering the fact of how dangerous sleep apnea can be, it needs to be treated with the right therapy. This life-threatening disease can be controlled with a treatment method of supplying continuous and positive airway pressure to the nostrils using a CPAP mask. Patients wear a nasal mask during the night while being connected to a small machine, which leverages their sleeping to keep them healthy. Here are the benefits that come with the nasal masks.

  • A nasal mask offers an indirect and natural flow of air pressure to the nose area. This indirect delivery of air pressure makes the wearing of nasal masks more comfortable.
  • Patients who come with a higher-pressure setting cannot bear with any other congestive masks. So, nasal masks, in that case, offer improved tolerance to those patients.
  • The multiple availabilities of sizes and fittings let the users choose the right option for comfortable wearing. Unlike the one-size-fits, these custom nasal masks come in a variety of sizes, suitable for each user.
  • Moreover, good quality nasal masks like Philips Respironics Comfort Gel Blue Nasal.

come with a secure seating profile near the nasal area. For the active sleeper who moves during sleep, a nasal mask will give you complete support as it will never get displaced.

What Are The Limitations Associated With The Nasal Masks?

Nasal pillows are not good for those who are mouth breathers. Also, those who are not comfortable with the design of the nasal mask may feel uncomfortable with its operation. Therefore, people with allergies, runny nose, colds, and sinus may not be able to bear with nasal support properly.


Picking an ideal nasal mask for your CPAP treatment is the right way to treat your sleep disorders. Studies say that those who wear nasal masks get more ease in sleeping as compared to those who refuse to wear them for multiple reasons. Thus, choosing a nasal mask for you will make your sleeping quite comfortable and peaceful.

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