Tree cover is rapidly disappearing all over the world at an alarming rate. This loss of natural resources is a disaster for our planet, as it poses numerous threats to all the earth’s inhabitants—including the global climate crisis.

Therefore, several conservation efforts have gained across the world to preserve the forest cover, including reducing carbon footprint and implementing regulations that prevent the cutting down of these trees, and instead tree-moving on a golf course in case of any construction.

Therefore, it is important to take immediate measures to prevent further damage to our valuable trees and ensure our survival. Here are some important ways you can take care of the trees.


  • Reforestation is a sustainable method to maintain the forest cover. It involves replanting a new tree in place of every tree that gets cut down.
  • Additionally, afforestation is also being promoted where new trees are planted irrespective of the number of trees cut down.

Thus, when the population of trees decreases at an alarming rate, due to various reasons such as death due to old age, or getting destroyed due to natural and human-made disasters, it becomes utterly important to plant more trees wherever possible, apart from protecting the existing ones.

Cut Down On Paper Usage

Since trees are cut down for paper as paper is obtained from the pulp of trees, therefore, it is now necessary to use paper wisely.

  • Buy more reusable paper and give you used paper wastage to recycle it.
  • Always use both sides of a paper to reduce its use.
  • Children can use scrap paper that is preferably recycled for less important activities like drawing, colouring, sketching, etc.
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.
  • Opt for a reusable lunchbox with reusable containers, metal utensils over a paper bag.
  • Go digital for payments and bills to reduce the demand of paper.
  • Switch to e-books whenever possible to cut down on the amount of printed paper.

Conserve The Existing Tree Cover

The commercial felling of trees is the major reason behind rapid deforestation. Therefore, you can do the following to conserve the trees that are left.

  • Opt for transplantation of trees instead of cutting them wherever possible.
  • If cutting the trees is important, then go for planned and regulated cutting, keeping in mind the interests of all communities.
  • Nowadays, selective cutting is preferred where mature trees are targeted for their wood and other benefits, over the younger trees. The least useful trees are cut down first, while the highest quality trees are saved for later.
  • Check excessive agricultural practices, as they are mostly done by clearing the forested land. So, more agricultural land means more deforestation. This rapid clearance of land has proved dangerous for the entire ecosystem.


Almost one-third of the Earth’s surface is covered by forests. Humans’ greed and desire have led to the destruction of these valuable perennial resources of our planet. With the reducing green cover, the entire living species stand at the brink of getting extinct.

Therefore, it is now our responsibility to preserve these precious trees for our future generations to reap their benefits, and ensure the survival of all the living species.

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