While thinking of picking up a bow or rifle and becoming a hunter, most people dream of deer hunting. But, deers are hard to get. In fact, a deer is the hardest of all the hunting animals to hunt. If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start from, below are the five tips to help you get started with deer hunting:

Be Attentive In The Field

First and foremost, if you are serious about hunting a deer, you need to be attentive or focused and spend more time in the field. Take enough water and lunch for the day, along with you. Furthermore, get clear about your priority before you get to the camp. You can stay up late if your goal is to socialize there. However, if you want to bag a deer, rest is of utmost importance.

Dress Right

It is likely to be cold in the morning and hot during the summer. Prefer wearing layers when it is warm. If bow hunting, see if the layers are camouflaged. You can go for vests that can be worn over t-shirts. If you are hunting in the cold weather, heavy coats are best.

Buy a cap and neck warmer to keep your neck and head warm. In addition, boots are the most important clothing piece for cold weather. If you are gun hunting, make sure to have enough orange. Also, wear rubber gloves to save yourself from infections. Don’t take the orange vest off if you are dressing to prevent being mistaken for the game.

Pick The Right Tools

Modern deer hunters use a variety of tools, such as rifles, muzzleloaders, bows, shotguns, etc. Depending upon the fundamental differences in performance and use, there are many seasons for specific weapons, including muzzleloader vs. Archery.

As a newbie, you are likely to start with a rifle. It is perhaps the most convenient hunting tool for a beginner who wants to learn how to hunt a deer. Whatever the weapon or tool you choose, it is crucial to becoming proficient with a bow or gun before you step out into the woods.

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Know Your Tool

If you are not comfortable with a bow or gun, you won’t have to look for rope, tarp, or knife. Try to shoot as much as possible in the pre-season. It will help improve your skills and know the limits of your tool. Know the distances you are shooting from; it will help you judge distances when you are in the field.

If you are planning to hunt in the wide-open areas, you can start shooting at 50 to 100 yards and gradually increase. If you are hunting in a forested area, 50 yards might be the longest shot needed.

Know How To Scout The Deer

Scouting for deer and scouting for other game animals is different. Glass the deer with binoculars from a tractor path. This way, you are looking for deer movement. The best time to scout a deer is early morning or late evening. If you are staying close to the area that you plan to hunt, after and before work is the best time to scout.

Furthermore, if you are hunting on public land, make sure to find some good places to hunt. What looks like a remote hunting area might be a Walmart parking. So, have a handful of go-to places.

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