There isn’t a manufacturer on the planet that isn’t trying to get more sales and leads, and B2B manufacturers are no different. They often have difficulty doing so, however, and this is caused by many factors.

The current economy makes it tougher for manufacturers big and small to get new clients, and manufacturers are often better at manufacturing than marketing and selling their products and services. Thankfully, there are plenty of proven, and sometimes mind-blowingly simple methods that B2B manufacturers can use to boost sales or at least increase the number of qualified leads that come their way. Here are a few of them.

Outsource Your Sales

Outsourcing your sales department or hiring a manufacturer’s rep on a contract basis could be one of the simplest and fastest ways to boost leads and sales. It could also allow you to make some massive savings.

One of the reasons why handing sales to a third party makes sense is that there’s a strong chance that you’ll never be able to attract top-level salespeople in your organization unless it’s a big name that is well-established in its sector. And, if you’re struggling to get sales, it’s safe to assume that you may not be as recognized as you could be.

Second, hiring a rep specifically would allow you to pay them based on performance. This is something that should interest any B2B manufacturers as they often only need to close on a handful of clients per year to turn a profit, and skilled manufacturer reps with expertise will help you close and be motivated to make sales since their revenue depends on it.

If this is a route that would make sense to you, you should learn more about manufacturer representative teams like the Carr Company. Teams like these will be able to sit down with you, look at your needs, and offer a whole line of services to help you either get fast sales or improve the performance of your current sales team.

Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is one of the most important and efficient tools B2B manufacturers can use to market their business. Inbound marketing is mainly about pulling your customer in through various sources without actually selling them, but instead, moving them through a carefully crafted funnel that will lead them naturally and effortlessly to your product or service.

Inbound marketing is about creating content that will entice your potential customers and help them understand or solve the problem they are trying to tackle, and then moving them through content that will help them further understand their issues, showcase your company as a solution, and eventually have them perform a lead-qualifying action or purchase.

If you don’t have solid content on your site, however, then inbound marketing is nothing more than unfocused content marketing. So, you have to make sure that your outside content, inbound linking, and on-site content strategy are perfectly aligned and connected. You also have to use the monitoring tools necessary to track where visitors are coming from, where they are directed, and which channels get the best results.

Make It Easier For People To Buy From You

One of the big issues with B2B manufacturers is that they make the buying process very intimidating and unnecessarily complex for buyers. There is no industry where stalling a client results in more sales and the same applies to the B2B manufacturing business.

Two things you can do right away to make the buying process easier include improving the user experience on your website and having a well-informed team to answer any of your potential prospects’ questions. Your reps should be easy to reach too, and you could consider adding live chat to get a hold of curious clients that may be considering your products.

If you haven’t looked over your site’s navigation yet, we suggest you have it evaluated by a well-established web design team with experience in the manufacturing niche. They might make your site easier to navigate and products easier to find. Another bonus is that they may find ways to boost your visibility with search engines and get you more leads as a result.

Also, make sure that your clients can get as much information on your product as possible by making spec sheets easy to find and clear. Your site also needs to offer multi-currency support and multiple languages if you sell your products or services internationally.

There are tons of ways that you could increase your sales and leads starting today. The most important part is to evaluate your current sales process and team, spot inefficiencies, and take all the steps necessary to smooth them out, even if it means handing the process over to someone with more expertise.

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