There are more articles on the internet, more advice blogs and opportunities to train in cyber security than on any other topic in IT and security. There has been a huge focus on cybercrime, almost to the exclusion of any of the other forms of business and home security and for many in the field, this has simply increased business and home crime risks.

The argument as presented herein is that this focus on cyber security may have left other gaps in our overall holistic business security.

More Than Cybercrime

The most recorded breaches in data security and significant losses in cyber integrity have been noted as due to theft and the physical removal of data, laptops and devices. Followed by the downloading and removal of online data after gaining access to the physical office or data source, i.e., unauthorized plug ins at the source.

The threat is thus caused by criminals simply taking advantage of the changes in working arrangements and walking in or picking up a device that is loaded with your company data. The end result may be that cybercrime is committed, but the initial crime itself is one that could have been prevented by improved physical security.

After a longtime sharp decline in housebreaking and burglary there has been a recent resurgence in this type of crime. It is recognized that most home break ins are planned, and the thieves have gone through most possible scenarios so that they don’t get caught. The old home break-in could have been conducted when there weas likely to be no one at home, so during school and work times. With work now being at home, there has been a noticeable rise in loitering as possible criminal elements observe and ‘scope out’ the new residential office scheme.

The Solutions To Home & Business Holistic Security

Improved neighborhood communication: Being able to communicate with your neighbors as to your new office and the fact that you have improve security measures is probably a great first step. You may find that there are a few offices in your neighborhood and that a combined security effort may be worthwhile.

Proactive security monitoring: The ability to be able to watch and monitor the area and also be able to engage and deter possible crime using examples such as is one of the best ways to lower the risks.

Don’t attract attention: Don’t conduct loud outdoor conference calls and discuss all the business issues and details that a criminal or eavesdropper could make use of. You definitely don’t need to publicize the fact that you have a successful business running from your back yard or spare room.

With the move to a remote and home-based office and more offices in residential areas there has been an increase in burglary and opportunistic crime. Most of this is petty, but there are instances where data and information are lost as well as high value technology and hardware. There needs to be a more holistic approach to business and home security to avoid your business being a victim.

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