Do you know that the quality, shelf life, properties, and safe use of essential oils depend upon the way you store them? If you keep them in the right vessel, at the right temperature, you can increase their shelf life up to one year. Properly cared essential oils can even last for ten years or longer!

So, here we are going to tell everything about essential oil storage so that you get the most of your little bottle of aromatic goodness.

What Are Best Practices To Store Essential Oils?

Heat, light, and moisture destroy the goodness of essential oils. Thus, the first tip for essential oil storage is to protect them from these things.

In order to avoid their exposure to sun and light, consider storing the essential oils in a cool, dry place, for example, kitchen and bathroom cupboards.

Prefer amber or cobalt bottles over the clear glass bottles to store essential oils. Never store them plastic, as they are corrosive and can eat up the container.

When you are not using the essential oils, store the bottles with their lids on. It’s a good idea to transfer these oils from a larger container to a smaller one. Lesser the space in the bottle, better it is!

When you purchase essential oils, they come with a drop-by-drop reducer inside the cap. They are made of thick plastic and allow you to dispense one drop at a time. You can keep some extra reducer lids as required.

However, don’t store undiluted essential oils in dropper bottles, as the rubber becomes gummy and spoils the quality of the oil.

Restrain from inserting any object directly into the bottle. Pour the required amount of oil in a separate vessel first, dilute with a carrier oil, and then apply.

Besides, read out the company’s product pages that outline the handling or storage guidelines.

What Places Are Not Suitable For Storing Essential Oils?

Hot, bright, and humid areas are the worst to store essential oils. Thus, don’t place them near a gas stove, bathroom, on a window sill, or other sunny, humid area. Moreover, the places where room temperature fluctuates a lot will deteriorate the quality of essential oils.

Can You Store Essential Oils In A Refrigerator Or Freezer?

Yes, you can! If you use essential oils less frequently, then storing them in a refrigerator is an ideal option for you. And, if you store an essential oil in a freezer, it forms crystals that cause its appearance to become foggy. So, let it return to the room temperature before the use.

Following these tips will help you ensure that your essential oils will last for years.

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