For many households, both entertainment and eating are done right in the kitchen. This only means that not only will you want to do the cooking here, but you’ll also want enough space for when you have company over the house. Of course anyone could remodel their kitchen, which is why listed in this article are top kitchen storage hacks and solutions perfect for your home.

These storage hacks and solutions will ultimately help you maximize all the storage space you can get in the kitchen, and even make your space a lot more comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

Carve Out A Spice Nook

Your spices and herbs play an important role in the kitchen, and basically in cooking. Although, no matter how petite these packages are, some people still find a hard time storing them up. In the end, these spices and herbs take up more space than usual. Utilizing a spice rack or nook out of your cabinet hardware enables you to keep these babies organized and make the most out of unused space behind your cabinet door.

Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

Preserve a lot of kitchen counter space by DIY-ing your own cutting board (and placing it over your sink!) This does not just save you space but also prevents vegetable and fruit peels, juices, and other food bits that you’re chopping or slicing from making a complete mess and disaster all over your kitchen counters and floor. It definitely saves a lot of clean up and food prep! As a bonus, you also get to hide dirty dishes underneath for when unexpected guests come over your house!

Create & Display A Dedicated Kitchen Tablet

Have an old tablet that you rarely use now? Why not display and use it solely for kitchen purposes? This helps you get rid of paper clutter like calendars stuck on the fridge, pieces of paper with kitchen recipes, cookbooks, and a lot more scattered all over your countertop. A dedicated kitchen tablet can hold everything in one! A calendar, a cookbook with numerous recipes, and a lot more. Digitizing your paper clutter is definitely an excellent way to save space in the kitchen.

Add A Kitchen Island

If you have the budget for it, a kitchen island can actually reshape the entire kitchen. It will add functionality and organization as it can serve both a place for eating as well as extra storage space.

Use A Collapsible Wine Rack

You can place a collapsible wine rack on the lower shelf of your refrigerator for when you’re trying to sort out bottles like wine, soda, and other drinks. This helps you keep your fridge organized and make the most out of the remaining space.

DIY A Pull-Out Cutting Board With A Hole

Kill two birds with one stone by DIY-ing your own cutting board with a hole in the middle. It helps maximize your kitchen counter space since you can pull it out from your kitchen drawers only when needed. Also, it makes meal prep more efficient as you can easily throw off trimmings into the trash can by sliding them off down the hole. Plus points if you use a wooden chopping board, which studies show to be more sanitary than plastic ones.

Use Mason Jars

Mason jars, in general, are very versatile. You can use them for almost everything. As for the kitchen, you can use this DIY mason jar stash to organize kitchen utensils and other tools. Simply find a piece of wood, stain it, drill a few lose clamps, attach the mason jars, and hang it up on the wall. You can also use different sizes of jars, depending on what you need to store in it.

Or Maybe Replace Mason Jars With Floating Tin Cans

Another great way to organize your kitchen tools and utensils out of your cabinets and drawers is to build a shelf out of used tin cans and a good piece of wood. This will give your kitchen a rustic vibe while freeing up a lot of drawer and cabinet space.

Add A Wire Rack Inside Your Fridge

While this one may seem simple (because it actually is), adding a wire rack inside your fridge is indeed life-changing. It greatly increases the amount of produce and other goods you’re able to store inside.

Stick Your Spices Onto The Fridge

This DIY may look a bit tricky and fancy, but it’s actually really easy to do! Fill magnetic [spice] tins with your spices and herbs and place them anywhere on your fridge. Best to label each magnetic tin, so you always remember what’s in what.

Think Vertically

No room for a walk-in pantry, no problem! You don’t have to sacrifice much-needed storage for that. Embrace the natural structure and height of your kitchen and create a fully-functional pantry by using your cabinetry alone. With that, no space is wasted since tall pullouts, drawers, cupboards, and shelves of varying sizes allow a variety of food storage needs.

Store Fruits, Vegetables, Or Snacks In A Rolling Cart

A rolling cart with [canvas] baskets and labels are perfect for when you need to store and organize kitchen tools, utensils, or even food. If you get tired of seeing it parked right where it’s always been, or when you need to place something on the exact same spot, you can easily move and push this wherever you want.

Hide A Trash Can In A Butcher’s Block

This space-saving hack is perfect for households that frequently have guests over their homes. It ultimately makes cleaning up veggie scraps a lot easier. On top of that, it discreetly hides your garbage away from all your guests, making your space look a lot cleaner and put-together.

Wrapping Up

The best part about all these storage hacks and solutions is that you get to enjoy a much neater and organized space for cooking, entertainment, and eating. Gone are the days of emphasized clutter and unnecessary trash all over your kitchen countertops. With these hacks and solutions, you’re a step closer away to more put-together kitchen spaces!

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