If you plan to live in the downtown area of Chicago be prepared to pay about $1500 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. The same size apartment would cost you only $1000 in the suburbs, but the suburbs do not have the same amenities as the Loop, Wabash Avenue or Van Buren Street.

Helpful Apartment Hunting Tips

If you want to live in the downtown section of Chicago, then you should be prepared to search for your new place using the internet, and real estate agencies.

Luxury apartments downtown Chicago are not going to be listed on bulletin boards at the local church, and they will not be advertised in the Penny Saver newspapers. People who own luxury apartments advertise their spaces through real estate agents, and through internet rental sites.

When you are looking for an apartment on the internet you need to look at sites like downtownapartmentcompany.com, rent.com, hydeparktowerapartments.com, and momentchicago.com. You will not find a luxury apartment listed on craigslist.

Apartment Building Websites

Sometimes the websites that list the available apartments are owned by the building owners. You can try getting the names of some of the apartment complexes in the city and see if the building has a website.

On the building website you may find what units are available, and the details of the apartment. You will definitely find the contact information for the owner, or apartment manager.

Enlist Your Friends

You will not find a luxury apartment listed on Twitter or FaceBook. You can, however, enlist your friends to help you search for the perfect apartment in the perfect part of the city.

You probably have a lot of social media contacts. Your contacts have several contacts. You can get the word out that you are looking for an apartment in Chicago, and your friends can get help from their friends finding you a great place.

Everyone has a friend or two, and friends know when their friends are planning to move. Your social media contacts may help you find an apartment before the apartment is vacated by the current tenant.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents often develop a relationship with the clients they serve. They may help someone find a house, and then in the years to come that person might buy another house and use the same real estate agent. The clients of these agents may tell their agents when they have an apartment for rent.

If a real estate agent is listing the apartment then you will not find it listed online. One real estate agent may know about ten rentals in town, and another agent may know about twenty different rentals.

You must be prepared to call different agencies and get them looking for your perfect new home.

A real estate agent that deals in rental properties will normally be able to assist you with getting the right background information to the lessor. They can also help you to visit the apartment either virtually, or in person.

Final Thoughts

If you really want a great apartment in Chicago you need to now be in a hurry. You need to take your time and have plenty of time to consider all of the options. So do not wait until a week before you need to move to start hunting for your place.

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